Hi, I'm Paul Neuenschwander.

I help individuals with unhealthy, anxious, avoidant, or fearful relationship patterns learn how to think beautifully, identify their needs and boundaries, and communicate effectively to create lasting and fulfilling relationships.

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What does Eunoiafy mean?

Eunoiafy (you-noy-uh-fy) is my spin on the ancient Greek word, Eunoia, which means beautiful thinking. It’s important that we think beautifully about ourselves if we want to manifest a beautiful life.

Methods of

Transforming & Empowering

Trained in iPEC’s Core Energy™ coaching techniques to remove energy blocks and enhance consciousness.

Navigate transitions easily by optimizing your life influencers to free up energy, creating clarity and empowering growth.

The ELI is a unique assessment tool that allows us to transform your energy patterns to gain sustainable success.

Subconcious reprogramming to heal from unhealthy patterns and develop secure, fulfilling connections.

Why Eunoiafy Coaching is for you

Who is this best suited for?

Anyone looking to heal unhealthy attachment styles.

Individuals experiencing shame and low self-esteem.

Anyone seeking support through life transitions.

Image of Paul Neuenschwander, Certified Professional Attachment Style Coach

Paul Neuenschwander

To show up securely and authentically, we must understand not only our conscious self but also our subconscious self—the version of ourselves that hides below the surface. I will help you look within, release what isn’t serving you, and learn to meet your own needs, so that you can love yourself unconditionally.


What do they say

Christina Weber
Christina Weber
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Paul’s coaching has helped me navigate many big transitions. From entering in and out of significant relationships to moving states twice, relaunching my company and up-leveling my podcast. He asks empowering questions, validates my feelings and helps me to reframe limiting beliefs. The reflections he provides me are like wings. So grateful!
Bernadette Garcia
Bernadette Garcia
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Paul has effectively coached me through overcoming past adversities, addressing outdated coping mechanisms, and changing negative core beliefs. His guidance has been crucial in achieving personal and professional goals, and he has offered solutions to promote growth and healthier attachments. With Paul's expertise, I have made significant progress in building positive relationships and improving self-love. I am confident that his continued support will further enhance my ability to establish boundaries and actualize self-love in all aspects of my life.
Change the world, one healthy relationship at a time.

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